Dave Attix – guitar and vocals

Dave took up guitar in 1975 when he picked up a guitar that was sitting around the house after his sister had stopped taking lessons. He learned some chords and was hooked. He got his first electric a couple of years later, and still has it.

He has played in several bands  in Florida, California, Idaho, and here in Washington. Dave plays rhythm, lead, and slide guitar, and sings lead and backing vocals.

Bob Chester – drums and vocals

Bob came to Unusual Suspects by way of Minneapolis. Bob has an impressive background of training (Berklee School of Music Boston) as well as being the “engine” of popular bands in the Midwest. Now he is a Seattle resident, but the Twins still hold his loyalties. Besides just being a hell of a guy, Bob is a hell of a drummer.

Bob adapts to the varied musical styles that the Unusual Suspects’ set list requires with ease. From complicated jazz to rock solid driving rhythms, Bob is fearless and almost perfect, it just gets the job done. He has many different drum kits to choose for a particular gig, from handmade acoustic to fully electronic.

The best surprise of all was when Bob showed us he had a great voice. Bob’s voice adds dimension to our harmonies, not an easy task for a drummer.

Warren Payne – guitar, mandolin, and vocals

Warren Payne started his songwriting career when he was twelve, cranking out “hits” to impress his friends. Since then, he has performed from Alaska to Nashville and written over 200 songs.

Warren has performed with his bands and solo in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Arizona, California, Nevada, Nashville and Canada. He also worked in studios in Los Angeles as a bassist and singer.

With his band Alki, he had a regional hit in the ’70s with “Someone Like Me,” a song he wrote and performed on the Warmsong Records single. Two of his songs, “Questions” and “Let Me Go” have been arranged and published for vocal jazz groups by Kysar Publishing with hundreds of performances of each throughout North America.

Warren holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Music degree from Seattle University.

Bob Sheldon – bass and vocals

Bob is the newest addition to Unusual Suspects. He’s an enigma to us . . . perhaps a refuge from a witness protection program or something. All we know is he is a great bass player, keyboardist, and vocalist — and a welcome addition to the band. We’ll post more about him as we learn more.